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Life Motto: Tomorrow never comes!

Proudest Moment at Work: Starting, growing and selling a business for £5m in two years!

Proudest Moment at Home: Gotta be my wedding day

Favourite Song: Hurricane, Bob Dylan

Sports Fan?: F1 geek

Favourite Food: Chinese every time

Joe Paget

Managing Director

Life Motto: No matter how good you are keep getting better

Proudest Moment at Work: From creating new sales functions from scratch or turning round existing sales teams

Proudest Moment at Home: Getting married and when the kids were born

Favourite Song: HAPPY by Pharrell

Sports Fan?: I do a bit of white collar boxing occasionally and I’m a big Everton fan

Favourite Food: King Prawn Masala

Lee Calland

Recruitment Relationship Manager

Life Motto: I’ll get knocked down, but I’ll get up again…….

Proudest Moment at Work: Being part of the Brookson Enterprise launch team.

Proudest Moment at Home: Putting up a shelf in my youngest lads bedroom and it’s still going today!

Favourite Song: Golden Brown by The Stranglers, which was also the 1st single I ever bought.

Sports Fan?: Massive. I’ll watch any sport, but supporting LFC

Christian Matthews

Hospitality Relationship Manager

Life Motto: Enjoy life

Proudest Moment at Work: Being asked to support the Enterprise team

Proudest Moment at Home: Representing Essex in the Cross Country Championships

Favourite Song: Supersonic - Oasis

Sports Fan?: Southend United

Favourite Food: Steak

Terence Craven

Interim Marketing Manager

Life Motto: Nothing worth having comes easy

Proudest Moment at Work: Working with all my colleagues

Proudest Moment at Home: The birth of my son

Favourite Song: Bittersweet Symphony

Sports Fan?: F1

Favourite Food: BBQ Ribs

Karl Tran

Implementation Manager

Life Motto: Live slow, die old

Proudest Moment at Work: Saving a client from getting a £100k fine from HMRC

Proudest Moment at Home: Buying my caravan.

Favourite Song: Seriously not fussy, I love all kinds of music.

Sports Fan?: F1 day and night!

Favourite Food: Meat

Daniel Traynor

Accounts & MI Manager

Life Motto: You only live once!

Proudest Moment at Work: Passing my CIPP Payroll course with straight A’s

Proudest Moment at Home: Marrying my wife having 2 kids

Favourite Song: The Masterplan by Oasis

Sports Fan?: Yes, especially love football both playing and watching Everton

Favourite Food: Chinese

Kevin Cross

Payroll & Timesheet Manager

Life Motto: Perfection is possible

Proudest Moment at Work: Designing and building systems saving £4.8m per year

Proudest Moment at Home: Building a brick BBQ

Favourite Song: Radiohead, You

Sports Fan?: Mountain biking

Favourite Food: Homemade pizza and burgers

James Roberts

Innovation & Strategy Manager