Avoid penalties – time to get your tax returns done

No one wants a fine. It’s our job to remind you to do your tax returns. When you need to do it? Who needs to do it?

2018 ready?

According to Companies House over 9,000 recruitment agencies set up in 2017. This growth is driven by the need for top talent as businesses sharpen their pencils for uncertainty and innovation.

7 things recruitment agencies need to take into account regarding the GDPR changes


It should be relatively easy for recruitment agencies and payroll providers to adapt to the changes if they are already compliant. This is because GDPR is a replacement and enhancement of the existing Data Protection Act and most of the personal protection information remain, fundamentally, as they are now.

The Future of Work – A Flexible Workforce?

The most valuable asset that this country possesses is its people and the way that people want to work, and the work that they will do, is changing - and that change is coming quickly.  Creating the right work environment for people is of critical economic and social importance.

Brookson shortlisted for MEN business of the year 2017 awards

Brookson is pleased to have been shortlisted for the prestigious MEN Business of the Year Awards 2017.

Brookson Enterprise expands offering to recruitment firms

Following an impressive year on year growth of 20%, Brookson has undergone further expansion to its range of business services.  Not only has the Brookson Group continued to invest in its contractor solutions business, the company has also grown its offering to recruitment firms and demand has meant an expansion to the team.

How to stay motivated as a start-up business

Running a start-up business is tough and motivation levels can drop suddenly, but these tips below will help to keep you working as hard as possible on your projects.

SME's choosing to hire freelancers over permanent employees

Small and medium-sized businesses are taking advantage of the UK’s highly talented pool of self-employed professionals, thanks to their skills and experience.

What 4 questions should small businesses be asking their accountant?

To improve your business strategy, here are four basic questions you should ask your accountant:

Are the days of having to meet your accountant over?

5 reasons why the days of meeting your accountant each time you need their help are now over!