Legal Support

Legal Support

We appreciate UK business law can be complicated, daunting and costly. That’s why we offer Brookson Legal Services, a team of knowledgeable and experienced solicitors that can cater for all of your businesses legal requirements. In supporting compliance throughout our service solutions they provide key support to your business on a daily basis. Well versed in every aspect of company legislation, employment law, contracts, debt recovery, it’s important to know they are available for a full range of advice and support.

  • Legal Helpline
  • Commercial supply contracts

    Business is all about relationships. We want to support your effort building these relationships, ensuring your business continues flourish. We can draft terms with clients, suppliers, workers and sub-contractors to help you manage your business effectively.

    This covers things such as:

    • Terms of business
    • Third party outsourcing agreements
    • Consultancy agreements
    • Data protection and information security agreements, policies and procedures
    • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
    • Website terms of use and Cookie policies
    • Anti-bribery and corruption policies and processes to keep your business safe
    • Support with negotiating commercial contracts


  • Credit control and debt recovery

    Being paid properly and on time for the work you do is a key factor for all businesses. We support your cash flow by chasing payment of invoices, from a friendly prompt to issuing court proceedings.

    This covers things such as:

    • Implementing credit control processes
    • Issuing letters to prompt payment
    • Issuing court proceedings to obtain judgement that a debt is owed
    • Undertake enforcement action to instruct bailiffs to recover money/assets to settle the amount outstanding
    • Undertake insolvency/bankruptcy processes against creditors as required
  • Legislation updates

    Keeping up to date with developments in the law potentially affecting your business is time consuming. We are here to ensure you are never left in the dark. With our early warning systems, we give advanced notice of proposed legislation before it becomes law. This gives you chance to understand how it affects your business and implement any process changes required to protect your business and avoid costly penalties.

    This covers things such as:

    • Understanding key areas of law that affect you
    • Maintaining a “watching brief” on announcement of changes from government departments
    • Awareness of consultations announced by government on proposed legislation that may affect you
    • Understanding and interpreting the law to help with compliance
    • Current case law developments interpreting/applying laws that affect your business and industry
  • Employment law support

    We are on hand to support all aspects of employee relations, from setting out the terms of employment, managing employees absence, advising on appraisal systems, payroll all the way through to terminating employment and writing references for future employers.

    This covers things such as:

    • Recruitment processes
    • Producing and storing contracts of employment
    • Daily HR queries and employment law concerns
    • Payroll issues
    • References for future employers
  • Company secretarial services

    From the moment you incorporate, your company has legal obligations. From filing annual returns, filing annual accounts, or just updating Companies House on changes to your business. Our services support you throughout, removing administrative burden.

    We help you set your business up in accordance with current Company Law, add or remove directors and shareholders or advise you how to reward or incentivise your workforce by offering shares under the Employee Shareholder Scheme. Not only will be look after the company secretarial duties to ensure changes are properly made and take effect as intended, we will also provide you with peripheral advice on other issues you may need to consider (such as minority shareholder rights, employment law, accountancy and tax advice).

    Dealing with company secretarial duties from the outset will ensure the company is administered appropriately from set up to potentially selling the business on.

    This covers things such as:

    • Appointing and removing directors
    • Filing annual returns
    • Changing your registered office details
    • Implementing Employee Shareholder Schemes
    • Allocating / retrieving / transferring shares
  • Business specific knowledge

    By understanding your business you gain a trusted advisor. No more generic legal or accountancy updates which you are left to interpret for your business. We know you and your business. We appreciate issues and will be there to help you address them with minimal effort and fuss.

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