Outsourced Payroll

Outsourced Payroll

Paying your employees, pension providers and the HMRC correctly, on time and complying with current legislation is fundamental to your company. It can also be time consuming and deflect from other areas of your business that need careful attention. Brookson have developed a flexible payroll solution designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of organisations delivering cost reduction, efficiency improvement and a seamless payroll operation. 

Organisations currently benefiting from our proven solution include recruitment agencies operating in the temporary workforce sector and a variety of companies with complex or large scale payrolls in the UK. By using Brookson’s feature rich solution you can save significant time and hassle as we will manage the whole payroll process from calculating PAYE, making payments on your behalf and giving you a real time view of your contributions through our online portal. 

Our highly qualified and experienced payroll personnel use a robust project management process to assess your requirements and set up your service. We have a strong track record of delivering successful, hassle free implementations. As soon as the service is up and running all elements of processing your payroll, including payslips, auto-enrolment and RTI compliance are managed by Brookson with minimum intervention required from you. Whatever your payroll requirements the Brookson team is available to make sure deadlines are achieved and any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

  • Added Value

    Our aim is to provide an effective outsourced service that is designed to meet your exact needs.

    • All calculations and deductions managed, including Statutory parenting pay (SMP, SPP ShPP, SAP), Statutory sick pay (SSP), PAYE tax, National Insurance contributions, Student loan deductions, pension scheme deductions, Attachment Orders and expenses/benefits cash equivalents
    • Flexible processing of weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly and quarterly payrolls
    • On time and accurate processing
    • Absence management
    • Processing of multiple pension types
    • Automated reminders related to important actions you need to take, or changes you may need to make, for example, unsent submissions, retirement age and change of National Insurance table
    • Gross to net functionality
    • Accumulating and calculating allowances and deductions
    • Timesheet input
    • Staff expenses can be placed through the system
    • Personalisation e.g. adding an employee’s photo
  • Payslips and Reporting

    The payroll team aim to achieve 100% payroll accuracy and on time payments for all our client's employees, avoiding any employee dissatisfaction and impact on performance caused by inaccuracies. We have an extensive range of standard payroll reports and we generate detailed PDF or CSV reports for payroll history, bank transactions, paid time off, tax payments and many more. In addition, you may require some reports that are specific to you so we will work with you to ensure you have a full range of tailored reports to meet your specific needs..

    • Periodic reconciliation
    • Email and optional online payslip view for employees
    • Anytime view access to payroll data
    • Submission of PAYE, RTI & NI reporting
    • Equal pay reporting
    • Gross to Net reports
    • Costing reports
  • Compliance

    We can manage all aspects of your payroll ensuring everything is completed accurately and on time meeting all compliance obligations. We will liaise with you and HMRC on your behalf to ensure compliance is adhered to in regards to any employee and tax regulations.

    • National Living Wage or Living Wage Foundation matching
    • Administration, calculation, and advice on all statutory additional payments (SSP, SMP, SAP, SPP)
    • RTI and EPS reporting
    • P45, P6 and New Starter Checklist processing and reporting
  • Complete Support

    Brookson have a team of highly qualified personnel in their payroll team together with a robust project management process and a successful record of hassle free implementation. The team at Brookson will ensure that deadlines are achieved and any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

    • A dedicated CIPP qualified specialist ensures every payroll run will be processed accurately and on time
    • A single point of contact means you know just who to contact if you have any queries
    • On-going advice related to current and future payroll and HR legislation
    • Dedicated one on one project management service, from implementation through to on-going operation
    • Full support during business hours
  • Payroll frequencies to suit you

    We’ll produce your payroll to the frequency that suits you, calculating tax and national insurance deductions from your staff, as well as dealing with issues including bonuses, holiday pay, pension deductions, sick pay, statutory maternity pay and student loan deductions.

  • Additional Payroll Services

    As an approved BACS bureau Brookson can make many payroll related payments for you. We inform you each month of your HMRC liability and monitor those payments for you. Your employees will be paid on time, every time, while ensuring HMRC standards for real-time information (RTI) are met.

    Brookson can also offer many different types of additional services, including;

    • BACS processing
    • Disbursements to 3rd party providers, such as Pension, CCV, Courts
    • Information request form completion such as arrestment orders
    • The administration of Salary Sacrifice Schemes, including Childcare Vouchers
    • P11ds
    • Administration, calculation, and advice on all statutory additional payments (SSP, SMP, SAP, SPP)
    • Student loan repayments, attachment of earnings and pension deductions
    • Maintained absence management records
    • Bespoke reporting

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