Here at DBG we are always looking at ways we can assist our members, not only with our standard dental related services but also how we can help you with your business. With this in mind, DBG have approached Brookson Enterprise who have been providing accountancy to small businesses nationwide for over 20 years. So to make sure you are compliant and to make a saving on your accountancy costs call Brookson Enterprise.


Mark Stephenson - DBG
19th Jun '17

The Brookson group is one of the best support services available, they just know exactly what needs to be accomplished! They are very reliable, knowledgeable and highly professional.

W C Leung - Unknown Recruitment LTD
16th Nov '16

Brookson has delivered a really innovative solution for my start-up business. Clever technology that’s genuinely easy to use, backed by a really knowledgeable and supportive team. I couldn’t recommend Brookson enough.

Pauline Harris
11th May '16

I chose Brookson because they reassured me they would take care of everything. Setting up a business was new to me, and pretty daunting. I’d done my business plan and knew where I was going, just not how to set it up, so the right advice was really important. They did what they said they would regarding my accountancy, tax, insurance and credit control. They even went further than I’d expected and helped me set up a business bank account and assisted me with all of the legal paperwork. I’m not sure I could have done it without them.

Mark Curtin
9th May '16

I’ve been using Brookson's Limited Company Accountancy services since 2007. I’ve also found their personal financial and tax advisory services a very useful addition.

Last year I started to move away from contracting, developing my own customer base and expanding my company. Initially the thought of the extra responsibilities, especially taking on staff, was worrying me. These worries almost stopped me taking up the opportunities. I spoke to the team at Brookson and they made me aware of their new SME accountancy services. I was so relieved and at that point the decision was made.

My trust in Brookson has been totally justified. I would definitely recommend Brookson to anyone running their own business.

Malcolm Griffiths
26th Apr '16