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The Brookson Team really just stepped in and helped us. This has been an added benefit to our client and contractor. they helped me save time to spend on other more important things…

Sue Coppell, Finance, Langley James


“As our business has expanded and the number of contractors on our books has grown, it’s been difficult for me to keep on top of all the manual timesheets and payroll. The Brookson Team really just stepped in and helped us. This has been an added benefit to our client and contractor. We’ve worked with the Brookson Group for five years providing services to contractors, and as we grew, they helped me save time to spend on other more important things. I used to spend 3.5 hours per week chasing people and now it’s all just a click. Both our clients and contractors love the service. We think it’s enhanced our reputation. I have no hesitation recommending this service to others.”

“I chose to work with Brookson Enterprise due to their innovation services. Previously we held monthly management meetings using historical data, where accuracy was variable and hard to use for insightful decision making. After implementing the solution from Brookson Enterprise we have seen significant improvements, in particular we have become more efficient as a business by having access to daily updated management information which has enabled us to make more timely decisions and become more agile.”

Jonathan Butterworth, Director, Lavender Group

Hannah, and the team at Brookson, worked extremely hard to achieve a very tight deadline including set up, testing and implementation which enabled our first payroll together, for our 150 team members, to be an overwhelming success.

We are very grateful for the proactive and helpful approach adopted by your team which has continued subsequently.

“Having had a successful career in recruitment for many years, I decided to set up on my own. Jo, my accountant, has been a shining star. Not only did she help me with the basics of business set up but she’s helped my business grow. After I received support, I realised there was a lot that I didn’t understand beforehand. Now my business is heading in the right direction.”

“Because of the tight deadlines and complexity of the new payroll, The Barnet Group needed to have complete faith and confidence in the new partnership to ensure a smooth transition for the workforce. During the initial consultation with James, it was clear that Brookson Enterprise had a very robust process and were able to work efficiently and diligently.

From day one of the relationship Brookson Enterprise’s Implementation Manager Hannah Moss provided complete reassurance, and gave The Barnet Group total confidence, that not only could Brookson Enterprise deliver on the short deadline but give a thorough service to work with The Barnet Group and ensure that the deployment of the service was not only accurate but future-proofed. The whole process, although having to be delivered in a very short amount of time which in itself was challenging was a great experience for not only the Senior Management Team but our staff who were paid in full and on time. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brookson Enterprise and particularly Hannah to any organisation looking to outsource their payroll.”

Tony Spaul, The Barnet Group