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Our real-time data and analysis allows you to have 24/7 visibility of your finances.


Software companies have disrupted the marketplace; gone are the days where a traditional approach satisfies the need for real-time information for an agile business model. But those market disruptors don’t always offer relevant business advice to meet your ambitions.

We adopt the middle ground, giving you the best of both worlds when managing your finances – real-time data and analysis, backed by an outstanding managed service.

We’re not just there for your year-end accounts. Our experts use smart technology to help you stay on top of your finances all year round, making it easy to benchmark progress, identify trends and forecast for the future.

That’s the reason why our accredited accountancy service has achieved 20% year-on-year growth over the past two decades. And, by taking care of your accounts, bookkeeping, tax, compliance and performance, we can help you follow in our footsteps.



24/7 visibility
real-time finances allow a year-round insight of your accounts

Bookkeeping Services
trust the experts to look after your finances

our in-house legal team ensures you’re compliant to the latest regulations

Accountancy Packages

We know that it can be difficult to juggle the demands that come with accountancy for any business, no matter what size you may be. We’ve seen this time and time again with our 20 years’ industry experience.

That’s why we’ve created a bespoke suite of accountancy packages, starting from just £199 per month.